But this passion is not enough.

In addition, the passion for cooking makes many people want to
open their own business in the sector. For Juliana Berbert, a
consultant at Sebrae-SP, the market is really big, but it is necessary
to take several things into consideration to be successful. “Knowing
how to cook is not enough to have a successful restaurant. It is
necessary to control the budget at the tip of the pencil to make
money”, he says.
The first point to be taken into account is whether the
entrepreneur has the profile to be a food
entrepreneur. “Many people have a passion for cooking and
are interested in opening a restaurant. It is necessary to
know how to take care of the company and know that, in
most cases, it will be necessary to work at night and on
weekends. The entrepreneur must know what to expect
before starting planning. If you don’t agree with something,
maybe it’s worth working with something else”, says
Juliana. The next step is to formalize yourself, creating your
own company. Best pasta bars near me

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